Teeny Tiny But Not Worthless #Love

Its been years ,

I have lost count

I am living proof

some hearts never mend

or stop loving what they love

Wild Hearts Don’t Break

  Wild hearts take its form by thick and thin experiences in life. Some of them have it naturally well, Lucky You. A golden heart with the will to bind one’s pain can possess a wild heart. There is no heart that can’t be broken at some stage in life. …

Gibberish with a tint of madness :))))

Have you ever wondered about an imaginary world that exists outside our realm waiting for us to find it? Imagination is a weapon which fights the inefavel realities. I have found my own hinterland. I go there whenever stress clouds my mind. It’s juiced up with my soul and i …


Welcome to metanoia.. For all those who are indescribable with their own eccentric personalities.. Hop in and join the force if you are interested.