Wild Hearts Don’t Break


Wild hearts take its form by thick and thin experiences in life. Some of them have it naturally well, Lucky You. A golden heart with the will to bind one’s pain can possess a wild heart. There is no heart that can’t be broken at some stage in life. Life is mean in its own way. So some are keen in mastering the art of hiding it. There will be no clue that they are going through some rough patches until, they reach out for help. All their social medias would be so bright and colorful that they even succeed in making anyone jealous for their perfect life. All should appreciate them for trying their best to compete with life’s mean instances in their own way. Not everyone reaches to the point of succeeding as we all are built in different ways. Sometimes it may lead to a depressing state that they no longer have that fight in them. But if you could come this far then why not hold on a little longer? Its mostly during that time when we stop looking for something its gonna pop in. Just a matter of time. No matter how long it takes to get to the point of achieving your own wild heart never ever give up. Always think JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER. Find your peace and fight for it until the day we live and maybe beyond that. Who knows what’s waiting for us beyond those unknown boundaries. Dedicated to all those who are feeling a bit low, depressed or for those who has not yet mastered the art of controlling their wild hearts for as I am one among you too..

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